Monday, 11 February 2013

Tying up loose ends...

It is surprising how absorbed one can become in a career such as teaching. Having just quit (well, I say quit, but it still hangs on for a month or two more, however, that is another story) I now realise quite how absorbed. Having considerable "quality" time on my hands is taking a while to bed in, and I find myself still thinking "what should I be doing now?" It certainly didn't pan out as expected, in fact, it still feels quite odd. But, I have embarked upon a relative frenzy of new work, both still and motion, which feels wonderful, if tainted by inevitable self-doubt! Time has an incredible ability to slip unnoticed into any available slot so I mustn't take anything for granted, so I am trying to create some sort of plan for my week. one thing is for sure though, I can actually make time to talk to friends more, and can open up this conduit once more.
So, without further ado, new stills work can be seen here: John Rixon and video work is on my YouTube channel here:YouTube
Here's a picture to brighten the page...

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