Wednesday, 11 November 2009

"Quiet Voices" at TATE Britain - January 8th 2010

This event has, at last, come together. I have been planning such an event for quite a while now, but sometimes thought it would never happen. Towards the end of my involvement with 'The Big Chill' I had a yearning to draw together some like-minded artists and put on a proper ambient event. My plan was to start contacting as many venues as I could, in the hope that one of them would bite. I got lucky. Tate Britain was my first point of contact, and they said yes, straight away. Meanwhile, Simon Wild and I made a second trip to South East Iceland, with the intention of producing a body of work for such an event, and the outcome of this will be on show in the North Duveens gallery at Tate Britain in January.

Sunday, 8 November 2009


Joe Myers gave me this texture last week - a little side effect of printmaking - so I fired up my scanner and squirted it into Photoshop, where I fooled around with clipping masks and type.
This got me to thinking that we ought to run a few games of "Photoshop Tennis" - where folks send a piece of work back and forth, making their own adjustments to it, without turning it into a muddy turd.
Anyone interested?