Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Quiet Voices at The Big Chill

I can now confirm that The Big Chill has asked me to programme the Igloo Stage for Sunday's ambient night at this year's festival at Eastnor Castle!

Following the success of “Quiet Voices” at TATE Britain in January, I am proposing to bring that experience to The Big Chill.

Using 360 degree projection in the Igloo (the blue bit in the image above is the screen), the space will be submerged in down-tempo and ambient sounds, and bathed in lush, cinematic visuals shot around the world. Music from Enrico Coniglio, Alucidnation, Another Fine Day, Ben Mynott, Mr Tom & Input Junkie; Video installations from: Simon Wild, Muffled Visions, Francesca Coniglio, Phoebe Rixon and Tim Hetherington. I will be presenting audio-visual collaborations with Tom Green (Another Fine Day) and my visual piece set to “The 4th State” by Jon Hopkins.

The festival runs from 5th. - 8th. August 2010. More info here:

I am now officially excited!

Thursday, 4 March 2010


Really hope that this long, dark winter is behind us. I have the sun streaming in through my studio window, still struggling to warm the place but hey, at least it is trying! One good thing about it though, is the light - and I've been looking through my photographs from various dog walks and found these two.

Beginning to clear my memory cards out, ready for New York...!