Wednesday, 13 April 2011

New work - preparation for some forthcoming video work.

Oddly enough, these pieces are the beginnings of a new body of video work, after a longish hiatus (self imposed). After a hectic year last year - which included both the Big Chill installation and my Tate event - I promised myself that I'd not open a video editing suite, or switch on a video camera until I really wanted to do it. So, I have occupied the time doing other things, like reading Art theory books, drawing sticking some of my video work on YouTube (Link above) and thinking. I have started to become very interested in spaces - interiors, if you will. The tree? Well, this has been an important tree for Sarah and I over many, many years, and it was about time I paid tribute to it. It is a magnificent, and very old sweet chestnut, near the Park Road entrance. It has suffered at least one major lightning strike, and is still standing. That makes it pretty amazing in my book...

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  1. Looking good so far john, i like the contrast and lighting in all the images.